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Do YOU want to look like this? WE DON'T!!!


We have decided to target Obesity in school as our area of Inquiry.


Q1) Which schools in our area have tuck shops?

Q2) What food do they serve in their tuck shop?

Q3) How does the school promote a healthy lifestyle ?

Q4) How is obesity a human rights issue?

Cockle Bay- Georgia

I think the answers to these questions are:
Q1: They do have a tuck shop because I used to go to school there.
Q2: A mixture of healthy and unhealthy foods
Q3: They recommend the healthy options in their tuck shop like sandwiches and fruit and have one day a term when you can order subway for lunch at school. I know this .because I used to go to school there,
What I found out when I phoned the school:
Q1: The school does have a tuck shop

Howick Primary-Nicole

I think the answer to these questions are :
Q1: They do have a tuck shop because I went there last year.
Q2:They serve healthy and unhealthy food I know this because I went there last year.
Q3: They recommend the healthy options like fruit and water in their tuck shop I know this because I went there last year.
What I found out when I phoned the school:
Q1: The school does have a tuck shop
Q2:They have a mixture of healthy and unhealthy.

Bucklands Beach Primary-Hennie

I think the answers to these questions are:
Q1:They do have a tuck shop because I use to go there.
Q2:They sell healthy and unhealthy food I know this because I bought water at that school.
Q3:They do recommend healthy food because the lady in the tuck shop always asked me if i want a apple or a banana.
What I found out when I phoned the school:
Q1: The school does have a tuck shop
Q2:They have mixture of healthy and unhealthy foog but it is mostly healthy food.
Q3:That parent must look after their children and monitor what they eat

Macleans Primary-Sam

I think the answers to these questions are:
Q1:They do have a tuck shop because I went there last year
Q2:they sell more unhealthy food than healthy food I know this because I went their last year.
Q3:they do recommend healthy food because last year the tuck shop lady gave away apples to people.
What I found out when I phoned the school:
Q1: The school does have a tuck shop
sam.jpg nicole.jpg

Phone Numbers

1) Macleans Primary School

09-534 5191
Wycherley Dve Bucklands Beach Auckland

2) Bucklands Beach Primary School

09-534 6543
107 Clovelly Rd Bucklands Beach Auckland

3) Howick Primary School

09-534 6082
Willoughby Ave Howick Auckland

4) Cockle Bay Primary:


Sandspit Rd Howick

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Identified gap
Did not find any necessary information
No answers have any thing to do with the questions. Answers not in own words.
Poor planing little effort not on task and no co-operation with members in group.
Did not identify gap related to topic.
time wasted
no deference made in addressing the human right topic.
Some questions related to topic
Some answers related to questions. Most answers in own words.
Most average planning some co-operation in group.
Partly identified the gap related to topic.
Some time used satisfactory
Some deferents made
In depth, well directed questions
All answers relate to question and answered with in depth research. All answers in own words and good use of language.
Outstanding planing and lots of effort in group.
Identified gap related to topic.
Time used affectively and always on time
Huge deferents made in addressing the human right topic


What does obesity mean?
Oxford School Dictionary Definition - fat, corpulent
Oxford School Dictionary New Edition - very fat, having over eaten
Oxford School Dictionary third edition - fat, corpulent
Oxford Concise English Dictionary - grossly fat or over weight
NZ Oxford School Dictionary - Very fat
Collins paper Back Dictionary - fat, corpulent, fleshy, gross, heavy, out size, plump, pudgy, tubby, bulk, fatness, fleshiness, grossness, over weight.

Teacher comments: 22.8.07 : You are on the right track. You should start with a brainstorm on all the issues related to obesity in our community. Once you have done this, then you can decide on an area that you want to investigate in terms of our big question on rights and responsibility and human rights. None of your questions above ask about rights or responsibility? Each person in your group should have a turn to make a comment on how you are going, or about something that you have found out. There should be four comments this week and four next week.
Teacher comments: 30.8.07: This is a very interesting investigation. Remember what the purpose is and refer back to the task outline. Your are investigating a community issue so I am still concerned about some of your questions because they need to be specific to obesity in schools in our community. ( This is the area that you have identified as your area of interest) Your answers need to be backed by research. Think about the setting out of your wiki page. Try to use a table for questions, hypothesis and answers. Answers should be based on fact and not your opinion. There should be references to how where you got the information for your answers. I will need to conference with you tomorrow to help you with your questions and just to guide you with your next steps. You also need to look at your reflections, especially Hennie and Sam. At this stage of the year I would expect a little more thought and input. I have also removed some unnecessary sections from your page. Chat to you all tomorrow. Mrs. M
We are going well
We are doing good
I just modified some of the questions a little bit hope it helps.
I changed one of my questions and
added another "ANSWERS" collem that you can explain your
answers better instead of just 2 words.
I have changed one of my question to How is obesity measured in children?
hope it is ok!!
We need to come up with a management plan for our action plan to take
action!!! We should work on this for the next inquiry!
We should call BBK next time we do inquiry!!! We need to get a move on with the
action plan!!!
We are doing well all we need to do is ring up all of the schools and then we can answer the questions and then
we can figure out our action plan.

On Task - Reliable




Buckland Beach primary tuck shop.
Healthy food
Unhealthy food


Tasman bay hot bites Murphy’s mince 150gm (a healthy alternative to pies.
Tasman bay hot bites small mince pie.
Toast sandwich: Ham or spaghetti with cheese.
Rapper hot dogs (tomato sauce included).
Spaghetti Bolognese.
Macaroni Cheese.
Roti-Chicken or lamb or Vege.


Ham or chicken salad wrap.
Sandwich: ham, Chicken, Cheese, or Egg.
Marmite or nutella sandwich.


Corn / vege / healthy style chips.
Nice and natural muesli bars-assorted.
Fresh fruit.


Bottle mineral water.
Bulla frozen yogurt-assorted flavors.
Fruit yogurt tube.

COMBOS-combos include a drink (milk, juice or bottled water), a fruit item and a snack item.

Chicken or ham sandwich.
Hotdog (frankfurters in a bun with sauce).
Tasman bay Murphy’s mince (healthy alternatives to pies)
Chicken nugget and sauce.

Noodles: chicken / beef / spicy.
Nachos (Chips / sauce and cheese).
Tasman hot bites pizza Hawaiian



Popcorn 25 gm.
Popcorn 12 gm- plain, salt and vinegar, sour cream and chives.
Rice wheels or noodle snacks.
Biscuits- chocolate chip 35 gm.
SPC jelly and fruit: fruit juice and spoon.
ENZA fruit hits (liquid fruit snack).


Cool sips water- lemon-lime flavour.
Energy snack drink- chocolate.
Assorted juice.
Tasman bay frozen moosie 100ml assorted flavors.
Tasman bay moosie.

COMBOS-combos include a drink (milk, juice, or bottle water), a fruit item and a snack item.

Tasman bay pizza-Hawaiian.
Noodles chicken / beef / spicy.


http://www.un.org/Overview/rights.html Universal Declaration Of Human Rights