Poverty Must Be Annihilated!!!!

We are studying the topic of poverty in our area.


Our brainstorm on poverty in our area.


Homelessness, No money, Lack of food, No job

Our questions:

1. Is there a problem of lack of food for some people in our community?
2. Who are the organizations that help the people who have no food in our community?
3. Where can these organizations be found?
4. How do these organizations help?
5. Why are people in poverty in our area?
6. How many soup kitchens/food banks are there in our area?
7. How can we help these people in poverty?

Our hypotheses:

1. We hypothesise that there is is a problem of lack of money in our community.
2. The Salvation Army, The Red Cross society, Mesudus Mission, Auckland City Mission.
3. We do not know yet (will look into).
4. They help by supplying food for the poor and homeless.
5. We think that they're in poverty because of money loss or homelessness.
6. Two food banks and no soup kitchens.
7. We think that we can help by donating goods to those organizations, help work in the soup kitchens or help pack the foods for the food pantries.

Our answers after research:

1. Poverty is a problem in Manukau. The places in which there are people in poverty area are in little areas of the Manukau like Otara, Mangere and Manurewa. A lot of the people in poverty in these places are children.
( www.manukau.govt.nz )

2. There are many organizations that help to provide food and shelter for the residents of Manukau. These are Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs, Counties Manukau Foodbank association, WINZ, The Red Cross society, the Auckland City Mission, the Mesudus mission and the Salvation Army.
( www.manukau.govt.nz )
( www.salvationarmy.org.nz )

3. There is a Salvation Army located at 369 Queen St. in Auckland city. The Auckland city Mission is located at 136-140 Hobson Street. There are no Red Cross Society areas in Auckland, although there are some in Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christurch and Dunedin. The Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs can be found in 22 Amersham Way in Manukau city. There are also places in Wellington and Christchurch as well.
( www.salvationarmy.org.nz )
( www.redcross.org.nz )
( www.minpac.govt.nz/contactus_main.htm )

4. The organizations help by providing and donating various things to people in need like food, water and clothing. Some organizations provide free medical care to poor people. The organizations generally are donated money and food items by people in the community, but are also sometimes helped by the government. we can help these organizations by donating our unwanted goods to them when they need them.

5. There are many reasons of people in lack of food. People may not have a job, which may lead to lack of money, causing them to be homeless and have no food. Another reason may be because they have spent all their money on something they are addicted to like alchohol or gambling. This may then lead to the people becoming broke or bankrupt, causing them to be in poverty. Sometimes, it is because of natural disasters they have come upon like fires or earthquakes, leaving them homeless.
( www.poverty.com )

6. In Manukau, there are 2 food banks. However there are no soup kitchens in Manukau, but there are soup kitchens in other locations in New Zealand.
( www.adra.org.nz )

7. We can help by packing food boxes for the organizations that help stop poverty, working in soup kitchen and donating goods to the organizations that help people in poverty. Another way to help is to help pick up and deliver the goods that are donated to the places needed like the airport. We can all help the people that are in poverty.
(We answered this one ourselves)

Contact number/
What they do
How we
can help
Mesudus Mission
Angus Fletcher
912 9679
Serve food
Don't need help
already very
Salvation army
Jenny(food pantry)
Food pantry.
Food pantry
(we are helping!!!!!!!!!)
Red cross society

Food pantry,
soup kitchen?
Food pantry
Auckland city mission
Food service,
food pantry.
Food pantry,
food kitchen.

Issue: People needing food in our area.
What are we going to do?: We are going to go and help pack boxes with food for the Salvation Army.
How are we going to do it?: We are going to go into the salvation army and pack boxes of food.
Who will be responsible for which jobs for what jobs?
Simon will phone all the organizations.
Andrew and Peter will answer the questions.

Our timeline:


What we need to bring with us:
  1. Water bottle
  2. Food (snack for morning tea)
  3. (Simon): camera, spare batteries
  4. Small bag
  5. Jersey



Most of our questions helped us on this topic.
Most of the answers referred to the question.

The organization happened quite well, although some more information could have been gathered.

Our action was not a major problem, but we still managed to help the Salvation Army and we worked quite hard.

Our gap is not much of a problem, we are just helping.

We did not use our time very effectively .

Very poor-1

Peer Reflection

On task
3/6 Andrew contributed alright to the questions but was a bit annoying at times and wasn't always on task.

Reflection Podcast:

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So what did we learn?

We learned that:
  1. The Salvation Army takes in information about their clients that will help the Salvation Army help their clients more efficiently. With this information, they know how they can help their clients.
  2. The Salvation Army in Manukau is the largest Salvation Army in South Auckland. It distributes food parcels and other goods to other Salvation Army places in South Auckland.
  3. Most of the Salvation Army places in Auckland are mainly church based.
  4. The Salvation army offers many different services to the public of which they are: the Bridge programme which is alchohol or drug addiction help,
  5. The Salvation Army is extremely busy at Christmas time and need more volunteers to help them at that time.
  6. The alvation Army in Manukau is one of the few Salvation Army places that are not church based, meaning that they do completely follow religious ideas.

Teacher Feedback :

22.8.07 This is a start. Go back to the task and make sure that you have completed all the steps and stages. You have some good questions. I have made some changes, corrected some spelling and added to them to make them more specific. Remember that you need to hypothesize what you think the answers to these questions are in your group, before you do the research to find the answers. Perhaps each person in the group could take a question and do some research. You also need to include some questions on rights and responsibilities that relate to our big question eg. Who is responsible for looking after the poor in our area? OR Do I have a responsibility to support the poor in our area? How could I do this? OR Should poor people take responsibility for themselves? I hope that this gives you some ideas. Mrs.M

30.8.07 You have posed some thoughtful questions and your answers are well research. Now you need to identify a gap? I cannot see evidence of this. How have you come to the conclusion that your support is going to be food packing? I cannot see this need expressed in any of your answers. What you do must relate to your findings after your research. You also need to go back and look at the task outline. You need to have a reflective log for each person. Each person should have made two entries by the end of this week. Please get this up to date. I will get together with you all tomorrow and we will decide on what still has to be done and the next steps. You have had five weeks at school for this first stage and it has also been part of your homework this week - so you are a little behind. Chat to you all tomorrow. Mrs. M