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Our group decided that we should make a difference to someone's life that really needed it. So we chose the Homeless as our community issue.

vellux blankets

Our Brainstorms:

We looked at how this issue impacts on our community, how it could be solved and who is responsible for it.


We have decided to investigate the issue of the provision of warmth for the homeless in our community.

Is this an issue in the Manakau community?


Who is responsible for this question:

How many homeless people are there in our community?
Auckland City Site
"There are up to 100 rough sleepers in Auckland City and an estimated 300-400 people living without permanent or secure housing. As the city grows so will the homeless population."
Whole Group
Where is our local shelter?
I phoned the Auckland City Mission
Very surprisingly I found out that there actually isn't a homeless shelter in our Manukau area. There is one though but it is the only one in the whole of Auckland! The shelter is called Ardale Night shelter. The homeless can only go there at 6:30 at night to 7:00 in the morning. Auckland City Mission is an organization which provides the food, blankets and money etc for this shelter.
Where is a common place to sleep if they do not have shelter?
In the streets/doorsteps
Homeless questions & answers
In summer, most people sleep outside. But in winter, they try to find emergency shelters. Sometimes when the shelters are full, they sleep in garages and stairwells. When there is absolutely no shelters to sleep in, they have no choice and sleep in the streets.
Are there any age restrictions for shelters?
No, there are no age restrictions for shelters.
Methodist Mission Northern
There are no age restrictions for shelters. You can be any age and be in any condition to stay in a shel ter.
What do the shelters provide you with?
Shelter, wash
Methodist Mission Northern

Methodist Mission Northern Contacts:
I found out about Methodist Mission Northern which helps many people who are in need of a place to sleep and who are homeless. In 2006:
"42,172 meals were cooked and served for homeless people. Children in need of a safe home received 8,719 nights of foster care. 5,749 support contacts were provided by our Court Worker. Auckland’s homeless people were supported with 206 treatments from our volunteer nurse"
Services include:
Drop-in-centre – open for up to nine hours a day, 364 days a year. Meal Service – breakfast, lunch and dinner are cooked and served in the centre’s dining hall. Healthcare - advice and minor treatments (currently not provided) Court Support – this outreach service offers personal support and assistance with legal / court processes. Hot showers. Clothing - donated clothes are sorted and given to clients. Food Banks.
Our Local Methodist Mission: 298 West Coast Road, Glen Eden
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We brainstormed the Rights the Homeless Have.

We figured that the homeless have all rights except some. They are:

Article 2: Freedom from discrimination (which we feel no-one is fully free of)

Article 12:Freedom from interference of family, etc. " "

Article 17: Right to own property (the homeless don't have a 'property')

Article 21: Right to participate in elections (We think that you have to

have a house and (live in it) to participate in the Census and elections)

Article 25: Right to adequate living standard (not everyone does)

Article 28: Right to a social order that articulates this document

What are some of the reasons for people becoming homeless?

Some of the reasons for people becoming homeless are:

1) Some of the homeless people become homeless because they have violent husbands or partners which beat them up and do nasty things to them so they flee. The women don't end up going to Women's Refuge so they end up homeless with no-where to go.

2) If someone comes to this country as a refugee and they don't end up in a refugee camp, they will usually end up as a homeless person because when they fled their country they probably could only take a little rucksack of things. This means that they wouldn't have many possessions.

Our Action Plan

Issue: We found out that the Auckland City Mission always has a need for good quality items.

We are going to help by: We decided that we could sew some good-quality blankets for the Auckland City Mission to donate to Ardale Night Shelter and other organizations.

How we are going to do it:[[space/showimage/Doc5-1.doc|Our Plan.doc]]

We have now decided that instead of sewing all the blankets, we have arranged for 'Blanket bins' around the school with our DP. On Thursday the 6th September we are going to put these bins out for use and go on the school TV for explaining.

Our Time Line for our Inquiry:


What we want to do:

What we have done:

Monday 3rd September

Draft letter for Auckland City Mission (ACM).

We have written a letter and we have faxed it to the Auckland City Mission (ACM).

Tuesday 4th September

Receive reply.

We are waiting for our reply, but nothing ca


Wednesday 5th September

Recieve reply.

We have finally received our answer. Here it is:

Hi Lucy

Thank you for the lovely fax your project group sent to the Mission. I visited your project website and it looks like a great project. What an excellent topic to study, especially given that so many people don’t see the homeless or have a preconceived idea of why they are homeless. We’d very gratefully receive the blankets that you are making. Please let me know if you would like someone to come out and collect them and the details for

this. I hope the rest

of your project goes well.

==Kind regards Alexis.==

Thursday 6th September

Go on the Daily Broadcast to talk about our issue. Also, we want to put out some bins.

Our talk on the Daily Broadcast went really well. Everyone is now aware about the Blanket Bins and we have found a big box that has been for storing our new desktop computer. This box will be used for our Blanket Bin. Also, we have made some labels for our Blanket Bin. We have printed them out and stuck them onto the box. The Blanket Bin is now ready to go and in the Office.

Friday 7th September

Check our Blanket Bins and ask if our Deputy Principal if she can talk about the Blanket Bins in assembly. Also talk to our food and fabric teacher Mrs Jack to find out if we can borrow some of her sewing machines to sew some blankets as well. Write up a letter to give to fabric stores.

Today we have found a whole lot more boxes. We have started to prepare them (cover them with paper) so they can be put into the team pods. (At BBI there are 4 classes in

a team and each team has a room with about 6 desktop computers in it. This room is called a pod.) Another thing we have done today is written up a letter [[space/showimage/LKetter.PDF|LKetter.PDF]] for the fabric shops explaining why we would like a donation of some fabric in the range of polar-fleece etc. Also we have talked to Mrs Jack- (the food and fabric teacher) about borrowing her sewing machines to sew some blankets and it is fine by her. Over the weekend Lucy and Cheyenne will persuade local fabric stores to donate polar fleece.

Saturday 8th September

Lucy and Cheyenne to persuade fabric stores to donate fabric for our use.

We had a great time today trying to persuade people to donate to us. This is what happened:

1st Store: Spotlight, went in to ask and a salesperson told us to go to a lady called Robynne. She took a look at the letter and made a photocopy of it to give to her Store Manager on Monday because the store manager wasn't there.

2nd Store: Arthur Toye, went in and spoke to the manager. She said that they were not authorized to do this. Cheyenne didn't think that we were going to get anything so we bought a roll of polar fleece.

3rd Store: The Habadashery, went in and asked about the donations, she said that their store didn't stock anything of the sort. We then asked if they could refer us to an

yone who could. She gave us a card that read:

Designer Textiles FACTORY SHOP Bargains i n Fabrics Garments, curtaining & surplus stock Lovegrove Crescent, Otara Phone/Fax: 2746045 ==4th Store: The Factory Shop, went in and asked to speak to the manager. We explained our situation and he told us to look in a box full of remnants. We only found one piece so he gave us a lot more!== ==We ended up collecting:== ==From Arthur Toye:== 1. Polar Fleece, Blue: 75 by 160. ==From the Desi== ==gner Textiles Factory Shop:== # Polar Fleece, purple: 43cm by 120cm # Imitation Sheepskin: 100cm by 160cm # Merino, Blue: 100cm by 150cm # Blue fabric: 150cm by 100cm==This was very pleasing!==

Monday 10th September

Check our Blanket Bins. And remind Mrs Parkinson to talk about Blanket Bins in Assembly. Talk to Mrs Jack about a day to sew, preferably Tuesday. Phone Spotlight on 0800-776854 and check the the Store Manager has received the letter.

Cheyenne Phoned Spotlight today but couldn't get through. She eventually got through to someone, but they said that they were busy and they asked her if she could leave her name and number, so she left a message. Also, we checked the Blanket Bins in the office, and it was nearly full. Meanwhile, Jorraine was organising all the other Blanket Bins and sticking labels onto them. At the same time, Lucy and Jennifer were walking around to each class and talking to them about our blanket bins and putting up a poster on each of the classes' window.

Tuesday 11th September

Check our Blanket Bins and hopefully we will be able to start sewing.

We have done a lot of things today, as we have sewn

blankets with all of the fabric that we had and made some pretty ties to tie up the blankets. This will make them look nicer. Also, we found our second donated blanket in the office Blanket Bin. We put out all the Blanket Bins to every Team's Pod and explained about them to some classes. We also put a notice in the Notice Book for our Deputy Principal to read out in assembly tomorrow regarding the Blanket Bins. At the beginning of the day, Lucy and Jorraine put some posters up in some classes. Cheyenne and Jennifer went to put the finished Blanket Bins in each of the team pods.

Wednesday 12th September

Check our Blanket Bins. Take pictures of the steps that we have done so far. Do the Peer Reflection. Brainstorm ideas for 'advertising'.

Today we checked our blanket bins in all of our teams, but we couldn't take pictures. Unfortunately there were none in these bins. We talked about ways that we could get more people to donate. Also, we started to make a clip to get people to donate more blankets, but we realize now that there is not enough time so perhaps instead we could make a clip of what we have done afterwards. After school Cheyenne got a phone call from Spotlight but unfortunately they said they would need at least 2 weeks to get material together.

Thursday 13th September

Check our Blanket Bins and try to go to every classroom to persuade/explain students and teachers to donate blankets.

Our group thought that we could speak to each class individually to try and persuade the pupils to donate more blankets. This is our Script for class explanation about Blanket Bins:

Cheyenne/Jennifer: I am assuming that all of you in this class are nice and warm every night. I know that it is hard to believe but there are actually some people in this world who aren’t and as you have probably guessed by now after watching the daily notices the people who aren’t warm are the homeless.Lucy/ Jorraine: As you most of you know we have put some blanket bins in the team pods and one in the office. We have come to the conclusion that people either aren’t taking much notice of them or don’t have any blankets to donate. If your family has any old blankets could you please donate them to the blanket bins as we definitely don’t have enough!Cheyenne/Jennifer: Just remember that the blankets can be of any size shape or form they don’t have to just be big. All blankets are most appreciated.Lucy/Jorraine: Also if you have any suitable fabric for blankets like polar fleece or some type of warm fabric we would really appreciate that to be donated too.Both: Thanks for your help and support.There are two names for each part because we are going out in twos to speak to classes. Lucy and Cheyenne will go together and Jorraine and Jennifer will go together. Jennifer and Jorraine will go and speak to classes in Teams A, B, and C while Cheyenne and Lucy will go and talk to classes in Teams D, E, and F.

Friday 14th September

Check our Blanket Bins. Also we need to phone the Auckland City Mission to sort out how we are going to get the blankets to them.

Today it was really exciting because we received two more blankets! We were going to phone the Auckland City Mission but we ran out of time so we are going to ring them on Monday morning.

Monday 17th September

Check our Blanket bins and phone the Auckland City Mission to sort out a drop off time for the blankets. We also need to talk to the classes about donating to the blanket bins before Wednesday because we really need to collect more blankets.

Today Lucy and Cheyenne talked to Alexis ( 09 379 2395 )

and we arranged that we could see her on Wednesday the 19th of September at 12.30pm. You can view our script here: [[space/showimage/Our Script for Talking to ACM.doc|Our Script for Talking to ACM]][[space/showimage/Our Script for Talking to ACM.doc|.doc]] and the information we found out here: [[space/showimage/Information from Alexis Sawyers.doc|Information from Alexis Sawyers.doc]]. When we spoke to her, she gave us details of where to meet. We will meet at 140 Hobson Street ( [[space/showimage/Directions.txt|Directions.txt]] )

which is a green building and ask at reception if we can see Alexis. We also each took home one blanket to wash but there was one left over, so Mrs Jack (our food and fabric tech teacher) has agreed to wash and dry it for us. We checked our blanket bins but there were no blankets. Cheyenne also arranged for us to have some boxes to pack everything up in. Mrs Mitchell is making permission notices for our trip. Cheyenne and Jennifer are going to bring their digital cameras so we have a record of what happened. Cheyenne's dad will take and drop us girls back

from ACM. Unfortunately we didn't get enough time to go around to all the classes.

Tuesday 18th September

Bring our washed blankets to school. Check our blanket bins for the last time and start to pack up the ones that we have taken home/washed and the ones that we have sewn. Get permission slips from our teacher and tell her that Cheyenne's dad is able to take us.

We couldn't unfortunately bring our washed blankets to school because they were still drying on the line. We had an awesome suprise today as well because a girl in our class brought in 6 blankets!!! We forgot to bring the boxes to school to pack up some of the blankets but luckily it didn't matter as we didn't have any dry blankets anyway. Our teacher got us some permission slips so all we have to do in the way of being able to go out tomorrow is get permission from our parents to go out.

Wednesday 19th September

All members of Group One to bring paper and pen to record what happens today. Cheyenne and Jennifer will take photos of all the action. Cheyenne's dad will take to 140 Hobson Street.

Today we went to the Mission. When we got there a guy named Jarred greeted us and we asked him if we could see Alexis. When Alexis came we went and got the blankets out of Cheyenne's dad's car and Alexis and Jarred helped load up the trolley to take the blankets inside the Mission. Alexis then talked to us about what else the Mission does and then she showed us the food parcels. After that Alexis show us where the emergency clothes were kept and also the Drug and Alchol addiction help centre was. All the way along the tour Alexis was talking to us about what each object or building was exactly for. While we were on the tour we kept taking photos of each step.

On Monday the 15th of October all of us in Group One got a certificate and a letter of thanks from the ACM in assembly. It was really cool because we weren't expecting anything like that!

Our Jobs:

Jennifer: Write letters

Lucy: She will fax any letters to companies and alongside Cheyenne will go to any stores to get donations of fabric and need be, to purchase.

Cheyenne: Phone any relevant people to receive information or confirmations and work alongside Lucy in the job above.

Jorraine: Work on presentation of Blanket Bins and edit all spelling and punctuation mistakes on the wiki.

All members of the Homeless Helpers will sew, evaluate and work on organization of time line and any relevant tasks.

Teacher Comments:

You have done a really good job at getting started on this. Your brainstorm identifies some important issues that obviously have to be addressed. You may like to look at this in a little more detail. In our community who provides food for the homeless? Where do they actually sleep in the Howick, Bucklands Beach area? Do they only have the clothes on their back ? You may also like to think about why people in our community would end up in this situation - what would be the reasons or main causes? Could this situation be prevented before people get to this stage? Another area to think about is who is responsible for rehabilitation of these people back into society. I don't know if you saw the programme on Campbell Live last week about the homeless man in Auckland who was an ICT specialist. He dropped out of society. They did a documentary on him and a whole lot of organizations decided to step in and help him. One year later he is very respectable, lives in a half way house - with support and has a job. Amazing. I look forward to following your progress. Remember that you are always relating what you do back to our big question CAN YOU HAVE RIGHTS WITHOUT RESPONSIBILITY?
It was good working with your group today. You are all on task and you have a clear idea of what you are doing and how to develop your plan of action. You may want to use a flow chart for this. I think that it would be useful to phone the Mission to make sure that the need that you are addressing is actually a high priority for them. Once you have established that it is blankets that they need - think about all the options for aquiring these. You are also going to have to think about how you are going to approach different people and organizations to get the sponsorship that you need. Think about a time line, working backwards from the day that you are going to deliver these. You could arrange this when you phone to ask about the donations. Keep up the great work that you are doing. Mrs. M
Well girls- I think that you are doing a sterling job and something really worthwhile. You are on track and I am sure that you are going to have some pleasing results next week. I think that you still need to put posters up in each class. if you do it on Pages or WORD and print it off - I will copy them onto colored paper and you can distribute these to classes. You should continue to go on the daily notices and visit each class throughout the week. At the same time you will have to get someone in your team to organize the sewing sessions and someone to contact the Night Shelter to arrange the time for the drop off time. Your letter asking for sponsorship of fabric was well written. I am very proud of you all. Keep up the good work.

Our Reflective Log:

August 20th
I think that our wiki is going well on its first day, with our members contributing.
August 21st
Yes. I agree with Cheyenne. Although it's the second day, we have heaps of information. We should add on our questions, but overall, our wiki is going great- Keep it up guys!
August 22nd
I think because of the fact that we have only had the wiki up and running for 3 days is is looking awesome! If someone today came to look at it they would probably think we have been doing it for weeks! Keep up the excellent and hard work!
August 23rd
We started off on the wrong track, but now we have got things all sorted out and we are doing well. Everyone is giving ideas and contributing to the wiki.
August 24th
Our wiki is going well but we have to delete some things.
August 27th
I think that our wiki is going well, but we had to change some of our questions. Everyone is contributing and adding to the wiki.
August 28th
I think that we are going really well but we really need to get cracking on answering the questions. I am really looking foward to going out into the community and doing our best to help the homeless.
August 29th
We are doing really well, and we just need to answer some of the questions. Everyone is contributing to the wiki.
August 30th
Hi! The wiki is going really well! Almost up to the final planning stage.
September 4th
I think that the wiki is going really well and we recieved awesome news. We are now able to do the blanket idea!
September 5th
We are doing extremely well. We have recieved our fax confirming the need for blankets and we are going to start soon.
September 6th
I think that we are doing very well. We have made a blanket bin for people to donate blankets in it. Everyone is contributing to the wiki and we are working very well as a group.
September 7th
The wiki is going excellently. We have reached the 'peak' of our inquiry and are really getting down to work!!!
September 6th
We are doing really on the wiki and we are all contributing lots. It is getting really exciting now because our action to help the comminity is all coming together and it is so far going to plan.
September 7th
We are really getting into our work. Our planning is all finished and we can finally get down to action.
September 11th
Our wiki is looking really good and it is getting exciting because it is all coming together now.

September 13th
We are doing very well. We just have to persuade more students to donate more blankets and get our peer reflection done.
September 17th
I think that our wiki is going well. It is really exciting that we are actually going out to ACM on Wednesday! I am a little disapointed though because we have only recived a few blankets and we need a lot more. It doesn't really matter too much as such because we can only do our best and I think that ACM will really appreciate our help towards the homeless.
September 18th
Today's action went extremely well!! We learned heaps and the ACM were very pleased with our donations.

Interesting information which we found out from Alexis at the Mission:
We found out that the Mission do a lot more for the community than we expected.
The Mission does the following things for the community:
They help people with drug and alchol addictions
They help old people who can't afford food and or have mental issues
They give out many food packages for homeless people
They have a doctor which comes once a week to care for those who can't afford to go to a real doctor.

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Our Rubric for Evaluating:



Identified Gap




In-depth, specific
and direct questioning.

All in students words and answer the question detail.

Related to Human
Is important to

Time line planned well
and up to date

Well organized with
everyone co-operating

Made a difference to our community and went according to plan

Some of the questions
are direct but some need
more attention
and effort.

Some research evident
Not all questions answered
Didn't answer the question directly.

Related to Human
rights but not important to
our community

Time line evident but not up to date

Some organization evident, with some people co-operating

Made some difference to our community but did not go exactly to plan

No questions are relevant
to topic and are not going to find necessary information.

No questions answered
Not in student's own words

Not related to Human
rights and off the topic.

No evidence of time planning

No organization, no co-operation, not on task

Made no difference even though some or none planning was evident

This is what we would rate ourselves:

Questions happy.gif
Research happy.gif
Identified Gap happy.gif
Organisation happy.gif
Action (haven't completed this yet)

Our Peer Evaluation:

On Task





Jennifer was a confident speaker
but Cheyenne and Lucy mostly did
the phone calls etc. == ==



Jorraine was a confident speaker
but Cheyenne and Lucy mostly did
the phone calls etc.