The issue we have decided to focus on is refugee camps in Manukau (our community).

These are our questions:



Who is responsible for this:

  1. How many refugee camps does Manukau have? Where is the closest one to us?
  2. How many refugees can Manukau camps hold?
  3. How do refugees get to the refugee camp?
  4. What happens when they have too many refugees?
  5. Does Manukau refugee camps have children AND adults?
  6. Do refugees have access to jobs and education in the camp?
  7. Do refugee camps have enough food and water to supply the whole camp?
  8. Does the refugee camp supply basic sports/board/card games to keep the refugees occupied.
  1. We think there will be about 1 refugee camp in Manukau.
  2. New Zealand's refugee camp's will be able to hold around 250-300 refugees.
  3. There would be some sort of bus system between the place where refugees come into Auckland and the refugee camp.
  4. They stop excepting refugees into their camp.
  5. Yes they probably do so the children can stay with their parent.
  6. No refugees don't have access to jobs they because they don't have the same qualification's as New Zealand people do.
  7. Yes they do have enough food and water for refugee camps because New Zealand is quite a wealthy country.
  8. No Refugee camps do not supply basic games for refugees because refugees would rather have a good meal instead of playing games.
  1. Manukau has 2 refugee camps.One in Takanini and one in Mangere, both aren't that far away from each other, so it's hard to tell which is closer. To see where the camps are Click Here
  2. The Mangere refugee camp holds 125 refugees.
  3. Refugees get to the camp by bus, from the airport. The bus is responsible for bringing all the refugees to the camp.
  4. Refugees have to be accepted into the country before they can actually come here, so they will be told if they can come into the country or not.
  5. Yes Manukau refugee camps do have children and adults.
  6. Refugees do have access to education at the refugee camps in Manukau. They are able to go to different classes such as English. The adults have to special classes to learn English because most jobs require it and companies might not take a person who doesn't speak the local language. Adults also have 6 week classes which prepare them for a job. A.U.T runs all of these classes.
  7. The Manukau refugee camps do have enough food and water to supply the whole refugee camp.
  8. The Manukau refugee camps have no basic games to keep children and adults occupied The camp also told us that the kids really like playing sports but they don't have much equipment. - THIS IS A GAP
  1. Jess
  2. Courtney
  3. Trent
  4. Trent
  5. Mathew
  6. Mathew
  7. Courtney
  8. Jess



Refugee Camps
We have identified a gap:
The Mangere refugee centre does not have any sports equipment for games or any board games,cards etc.

What we're going to do:

We would like to hold a sports day at the Mangere refugee camp using new sporting equipment donated by companies or(You may also like to approach sports clubs and ask them to donate any older pieces of equipment that they may have eg. the tennis club) This new equipment could be donated to the camp ( individual children ) so they can play with them whenever they want to.

How are we going to do it:

What we have to do in steps:


Time Line:

We called the Mangere Refugee centre, these are the questions and answers.


This is a email we wrote to the manager to the Mangere Refugee camp to figure out what days we will go and the times:

Dear Mr. Parkar

Thank you for speaking with me earlier today.

We have been involved in an Inquiry on Human Rights. We have looked at the Refugees from all over the world and have done a novel study on " Boy Overboard".

As a group of 4 students we decided to investigate refugees in our local community and we wanted to find out how we could make a difference. We feel that it is important for us to help new settlers in our country, especially the children.

After some research and after phoning Mangere Refugee Centre, it came to our attention that we could help with sports or the donation of sports equipment.

We would like to arrange some sports activities or a games session for the students that are presently at the camp and who are 5-11 years old.

We would be able to come to the camp during their lunch break twice in a week.

We could come on Wednesday 12th and Friday 14th next week, or on Monday 17th September.
We could set up a rotation of two games or we could just play one game with them.

We will be coming with our two youth pastors/leaders from the Sowers Trust.

We will bring all the sports equipment with us.

Will also aim to donate some equipment to the Centre which you could use in the future.

If you would like to view the work that we have done so far, please visit our sites on:

We are excited about coming to visit and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jessica, Trent, Courtney and Mathew See our photo attached
Room 5
Bucklands Beach Intermediate School.

Script - for when we call companies:

We are students at Bucklands Beach Intermediate School.
Our class is doing a study on human rights. Our group has researched human rights in our community. Looking at refugees, we have made contact with the manager of the Mangere refugee camp. To our great disappointment the manager sadly told us that they do not have much sport equipment for all these children. We were wondering if you could help us with donations of sports equipment for these children. We are going there on Tuesday 18th September and we are going to run a sports afternoon at the camp.
Donations of soccer balls, cricket sets, tennis balls, skipping ropes, hoola hoops, cones and rugby balls would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou very much for your help, and support. We know that the children in the camp will benefit from your kind donation(s).
Yours Sincerely
Jessica, Trent, Mathew and Courtney.

To help get a few things donated, we decided we will go to a few different companies (and possibly sports clubs) to persuade them to donate sports equipment!

Questions we asked:
1. How old are the children
2. How many children are there?
3. If we can do the games, what games do you think might be suitable
4. When would be a good time to visit?
5. There will be four of us coming is that enough? Would we need more?
6. What sports equipment do you already have?
7. What sports equipment would you like or need?
Phone Number:
Who will be responsible for getting the donations:
Rebel Sport
Stirling Sports
The Warehouse
Kids at work


Phone Number:
Pakuranga Tennis Club
Pigeon Mountain road
Tennis balls
Rogers Park Tennis Club
535-4897 (club phone)
Rogers park
Tennis balls
Howick and Pakuranga Netball Club
Lloyd Elsmore
Fencibles soccer club
Soccer balls

Equipment we will need to RUN the sports day:

Type of sporting equipment:

Amount we will need:

Soccer Balls
Rugby Balls
Skipping ropes
20 & 2 big ones
Hoola Hoops
Volley ball
40 - if possible
Basket balls

A letter we gave to each teacher in our school asking for old and unwanted sports gear:

Our letter to our sports gear organizer - at our school :

Dear Mr Maclean

We are a group of 4 students from room 5. At the moment we are studying human rights. For the last 2 weeks we have had to do research on an issue in our community. Our group chose to do Refugees. We found out that the kids in the camp really like playing sports but don’t have much equipment. We are planning to hold a sports day there, but we are also going to give the kids some sport equipment that will be donated.
We will be going to the Mangere refugee camp on Tuesday 18th September.
To have this sports day we will need to use the school’s sport gear. Equipment such as tennis balls, rugby balls, soccer balls, hoola hoops, cones and some bibs.
We would really appreciate it if you could help us with holding this sports day for these poor kids and with your help we can make the day SUCCESSFUL!

Yours sincerely
Courtney, Jessica,
Trent and Mathew.
Room 5

Here is a Slide show of pictures that we took on both of the days we went to the camp:

Peer reflection:




On Task



Trent was on task most of the time, but got distracted easily. He came up with fantastic ideas, and contributed well in a group.
Courtney was a very good group member. She contributed all the time, and was always on task.
Mathew got the group off task easily. He did things when he was told to, but needed to work on his communication with group members. Over all he was great to work with
Jessica was a good group member and was good at leading us and with the organization. She was always on task, and was easy to work with.

Reflection Podcast:

Click here to get your own player.

Task Evaluation:








Related, in depth and well directed questions
All answers were related to questions and in depth answers in own words.
Gap was identified through questions and was clear.
On task all the time, planning organized and clear.
Time was used effectively
Have made an impact and a difference

Some questions related to topic

Some answered correctly

Gap was not clear through questions.

On task most off the time, and planning is ok.

Time used moderately

Some difference

Did not find out necessary information.

Wasn't in own words and not related to questions.

Gap was not identified.

Poor planning, lack of effort and not on task.

Time wasted

No difference made.

Reflective Log:




It's great that we can do a collaborative wiki and everyone in our group can edit it!
The next thing we need to do, is to make our brainstorms and put them up onto the wiki.
We have got a few questions but we need to make an action plan.
We are deciding on some questions to ask the refugee council or refugee camp. We are also
deciding on some questions that will help us help the refugees in the camp.
We had a conference with the teacher, and we now understand what we have to do a bit more. We have been allocated a question that we have tor research on which will help share the load of the work. We did the brainstorm and are now on the right track.
I think it's really neat to do homework on the computer and we are able to work in a group. This helps to share the load (as I said before) and I am finding it useful to edit it on the computer as well.
Today we started answering our questions. I feel our group is working really well together.
My internet was traveling at 5.6 KBps but I finally fixed everything up. Our wiki is going really well now, we know what we're doing and we're all contributing!
We are working well in a group, I have researched all my questions I just need to put them on.
Today we rang up the Mangere refugee camp and asked them some questions, they told us to email them, we have done an outline of our action plan, but it will be edited later, and we are all working well and contributing
We have answered all our questions and we have developed our action plan we just need to ring them.
Like Mathew said, we need to ring the Mangere camp and then we can work on our action plan more.
As a group we need to ring the refugee camp and ask them a few questions before the end of the week.
I agree with Trent, hopefully tomorrow we can can ring them (the Mangere refugee camp) and then we can carry on with our action plan.
Sorry I haven't been on lately because my computer kept crashing. We have called the Mangere Refugee camp but we only got some answers because the manager wanted to talk to our teacher so we need to ring them again.We also need to find out where we are going to get all the sports equipment.
We just need to ring them and ask them some questions so we know when to go and the times.
Today we all went on discussion at 7pm to talk about what we will say to the company's when we ring them.
We have written up the letter and maybe on Thursday we can go and persuade companies. We are going really well, and getting things ready for Wednesday. We just need to decide if we are going to do a rotation or just do it all together.
We have brought our permission slip home to allow us to go to the refugee centre on Friday. We are going really well, we just need to get equipment donated asap.
We have written up our letter to Mr Maclean, we will have to give it to him on Monday. Overall we are doing well and working together. I can't wait till tomorrow!
Today we went to the Mangere Refugee Centre. We learnt a lot about the refugees and the ones they accept and why. We had lunch with them and got a little tour around the camp as well.We had a great time and can't wait to hold the sports day for them. We also gave out a letter to the teachers in each team asking if anyone has any old sports gear they could give to the refugees, and also started writing our reflection. Unfortunately we couldn't take photo's so our sideshow might not be as good.
Today we got all the equipment we will need for tomorrow from Mr Maclean. He gave us a lot of sporting equipment, but I'm sure we'll need it!!! We have made some of our podcast script, and we are working pretty well together. I can't wait till tomorrow, it's just sad that we can't take pictures of the day! This means our slide show might not be as good.
The day at the refugee camp was awesome! We played soccer, and we did skipping and hoola hoops with them. They were all so happy and were always smiling! I wish we could go there again!
We had a great time at the refugee camp! We have started doing our reflection podcast script. We will start recording tomorrow.
We have finally finished our reflection podcast.

Teacher Comments:




This is a great start. I think that you will have many options to consider. Remember that you are looking at Human rights and the question of rights and responsibility. Where you have indicated 'Brainstorms to add' - think of other ways that you can record your information. You may like to consider a table or a Venn diagram. I look forward to following your progress. Keep up the good work.
Mrs M
You are on the right track and you have put a lot of thought into what you are doing. I think that you need to back track just a little. Read the task outline. You first need to brainstorm what you think all the issues would be, that refugees in our community would be facing. Once you have decided this, then you would brainstorm all your thoughts around this chosen issue and develop your questions from this. Your questions need to related to our fertile question on rights and responsibilities and need to link to human rights. Well done on your reflections. You might add other things here like what you find out, or how you feel about things that you find out. You may also like to say how you feel about using a wiki for this planning. How effective is it? Please conference with me as a group, tomorrow or Friday.
Mrs M
Some good questions. Remember that you are looking at refugee camps or facilities in our community - so in Manukau- so your question Many of your questions refer to New Zealand. YOU ARE NOT looking at the whole of NZ. Please change this. YOU ARE LOOKING INTO AN ISSUE IN OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY. Would your first question be - Are there refugee camps or facilities in our area? Where are they? How many are there?
You do not have all your sections in your table because you have not included them.
Mrs M
It was good to sit with you today and talk about what you are doing and share ideas. You are doing an awesome job and I think that you are going to make a valuable difference to this community. There are a few things that need to be sorted out. Your next step is to phone the refugee centre and get the required information. I have made some notes to guide you from our discussions today. Once you have established the age of the children there, how many children there are there presently, and when you can go to visit, then you can develop your plan of action. Keep up the good work. You are on track.Mrs. M
Mrs M
You are working really well as a team and you have done an excellent job. Thank you for being so patient - I am sure that this is all going to pay off next week. You have done some excellent work. You all have a clear vision of human rights and how what you are doing links into supporting people whose human rights may have been compromised. Your thinking is clear, and so is your planning. You have a plan and you follow through, step by step. Excellent use of links on this wiki page. You are working collaboratively and this is evident in your reflections. You can all be very proud of yourselves, because I certainly am. Keep up the good work. Your next step is to plan the 1/2 hour sessions once you get a reply. Let me know which day you are going to go so that I can organise permission letters for you. You also need to speak to Mr. Maclean about borrowing some sports gear for these sessions. I have sent a letter to PK- we are waiting for a reply.
I hope that these guidelines help you plan your next steps.
Mrs M



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